Sunday, September 24, 2023

Why sleeping with room heater on is dangerous? Know here

Room heaters generate heat which increases carbon monoxide levels inside the room. Keeping it on for a long time rises the CO levels above the safe level which is dangerous for human health.

It can trigger chest pain and heart problems in the long run. Smokers, asthma patients and patients of heart diseases are, particularly at high risk.

1. Breathing dry air leads to respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and also nosebleeds due to dried membranes.

2. Dry air also dries out mucus membranes which are moist, thereby trapping all dust and infection-causing agents, leading to their inflammation. This makes you more prone to infections as the first line of defense, the mucus membrane, is damaged.

3. Lack of moisture in the air is also harmful to your skin. Dry skin is a common occurrence during winter, which also causes itchiness. Staying indoors with heaters can exacerbate this condition as dry air evaporates moisture from the skin.

4. Lack of moisture in the air has also shown to evaporate tears from the eyes, making it difficult to maintain the delicate balance required for moist and healthy eyes.

5. The excessive heat produced by room heaters dries your skin by drying out the moisture. This makes your skin feel itchy, irritate and flaky.

6. Carbon Monoxide also causes eye problems. It can irritate the eyes causing allergies. People who have dry eye problems may get conjunctivitis.

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