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Games On Ancient Indic Wisdom

A growing number of young parents in urban India today are caught in a tough spot – amidst rapid westernization, they want to ensure that their toddlers and children stay connected to their cultural and traditional moorings. But many of them lack the time or even the knowledge to be able to do this by themselves. And given the glut of multimedia game and content choices available to kids today, how do you get them to sit in one place and listen to stories from our epics and scriptures? This was the question that led to the creation of Gurucool – a Chennai-based startup that is on a mission to take Indic values to young minds in fun and innovative ways.

Founded by Radha Narayanan, Santhosh Subramanian and Charanya Kumar, Gurucool has launched a set of popular board games centered around stories from the itihasas and puranas. Narayanan and Subramanian have both found the Hindu scriptures to be a deep source of strength through some of the toughest phases of their life, and they are driven by the desire to open up this rich world to today’s young children. ‘Indic wisdom has values and philosophies for every human and every situation,’ says Narayanan , ‘and understanding these at a deeper level helps us become better humans, thereby creating a better society.

Gurucool’s mission is to provide the gift of this wisdom to our children in ways that are fun, interactive and everlasting’.

‘We envision taking Gurucool’s ideas to children in many different and innovative ways,’ says Kumar. ‘We are launching new board and card games, expanding distribution of our existing games, and have a really exciting list of other product, service, and content offerings lined up,’ says Kumar. ‘The large and rapidly growing toy and games market in India is dominated by international brands, with very minimal representation of Indian heritage and values. With Gurucool we intend to change that,’ she says.

Gurucool is now ready to launch its new tabletop game Party with Shiva. This is a multiplayer board game for all ages, where players compete rapidly to capture the gameboard by identifying, understanding, and marking the many different names, devotees and shrines of Lord Shiva. The game will be launched on 26th of February in time for Maha Shivarathri evening
at an interactive, game-filled virtual launch event that will be open to the public. Details of the launch will be announced shortly.

Some of the other popular products by Gurucool are Life of Krishna (Parts 1 and 2) – a board game that takes children through adventurous stories from the Bhagavata Purana, Gala with Ganesha – an interactive activity book which introduces toddlers to the various facets of their new invisibile friend Ganesha, and Cards Lila – a top-selling card game that helps players understand the motifs and values of the major Hindu gods. These games are available to purchase on Gurucool’s website ( In addition to games, they also run ‘Temple Series’ – monthly classes on stories behind popular temples in India, drawing attention to their architecture, puranas and local folklore about the temples.

We hope the efforts of Gurucool to promote unconscious and intuitive learning of Indic Wisdom in Children bring awareness and pride of heritage to the next generation.

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